Zeak Kitchen

“From beginning to end it went better than I ever could have anticipated. From the minute I walked in the door, it was nothing like the big box stores which pressure you into buying everything while spending tons of money on very cheaply made products. When I entered the North Hills store, everyone was extremely friendly, and no pressure was put on me to make a purchase. When I did decide to make a purchase, everything was handled so seamlessly, it was such a relief knowing that everything was going so smoothly and no errors were being made. Even better, I was so surprised at the higher quality of the product for even less of the price at the big box stores. When the installation was scheduled, everything happened exactly as planned, and the products were the exact quality in which I saw in the store. Everything happen on time, exactly how they said it would happen with great attention to detail. As far as being available, I was informed every step of the way in what was happening, and any questions were answered almost immediately. As a first time customer, not only am I thoroughly satisfied, but I would 100% use them again.”