Starsky Kitchen

"I was a little leery of a kitchen and bathroom design business with the term "budget" in their name.  However, when I received my quote for the cabinets and counter top, the name no longer bothered me.  I was looking for well built plywood cabinets and a granite counter top, not the most affordable option.
After getting quotes from the big box chain "improvement" stores, budget kitchen and bath quoted me a price that blew the others away. I'm not sure what, if any difference there is between the cabinets, but as far as I can tell these cabinets are just as good if not better quality cabinets than the chain stores "custom" ones.  I had also gone to other kitchen design companies for quotes, the other places I went to were okay, but none of them seemed to have the time available to work with me like Noelle did.
I cannot thank Noelle enough for helping me with this project. She is extremely patient, even with a customer such as myself that can not stop asking questions, including ones that have nothing to do with my kitchen.
Overall I had as pleasant of an experience as one could have at a cabinet and counter top place, I would highly recommend them and I will more than likely use them again.  For full disclosure, I did not have them install my cabinets, I installed them myself."