Kelly Kitchen

"I decided to take the plunge and redo my kitchen. I have a townhome so the space isn't very large. I contacted a couple of places that gave me estimates starting at $10,000 without really seeing my kitchen or asking any questions. I was able to sit down with Noelle in a couple days to review my space and plans at an estimated cost of around $6,000. She helped me select cabinets and counter tops based on my description of what I envisioned and supplied me with drawings right away. Measurements were taken and cabinets were ordered. They came in in the 2 weeks promised and they worked with me on getting a quick install. Noelle was also great at helping me get the counter top install set up quickly and to fit my hectic schedule. The cabinets and counter tops look and work great. They just did the install as I opted to do my own demo to save money. Hopefully on my next project I can afford to let them do it all as it was a lot of work…”